Taking Responsibility for My Error

Sometimes we all need to eat crow – and right now the person who needs to do that is me.  I am deeply embarrassed, one could say mortified, that I published that Simora is the same person as Red Haired Witch, Miss Behavin, Crazy Dave, Rene and Annoyedatlies.  However, she isn’t that person (the other user names are, indeed, all the same person, but they are not Simora).

I have written to Simora separately to offer my apology and invite her back to the site.  In an attempt to fend off a fraudulent poster we moved too quickly.  There is no excuse for it.

The other names do, indeed, belong to one person.


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Well done for taking responsibility

Hi Melissa

I just want to commend you for letting the rest of us know you've made a mistake. We all do that and it makes life easier when we can just admit it and get on with things.

I wish you well and home Simora is understanding. As she is only a new member, she missed the saga last year.


I was fairly convinced the same thing

so you certainly aren't alone in that error.  There were so so so many similarities that I just couldn't handle the idea of the drama again.  Sorry this happened for everyone concerned.