What We Love Part 2 - The Generosity of Our ADHD Spouses

One of the things I love about my own spouse is his empathy, generosity and warmth.  Is this related to his ADHD?  I’m not sure, though I do observe that if they don’t have specific anger issues, many of ADHD spouses I work with have very generous spirits.  Sometimes they act on that generosity in a way that warms others…sometimes they don’t…which makes them pretty much like the non-ADHD around us.  Regardless, generosity of spirit, if you spouse possesses it, is something to celebrate.  Here is “what I love about my ADHD spouse” part 2:

“He is honest, genuine and generous.”

“He is completely engaged to me and that is very touching. He has a good heart and forgives easily”

“I treasure how she sincerely tries her best all the time.  She is remarkable in how loving she is as well.”

“My husband is very affectionate, little touches such as pats on the back or hugs are always available and if I should ask for such things he drops everything to provide.”

How about your ADHD partner?  Is he or she quick to forgive (that’s the very real positive side of living in the moment!) or empathetic towards others?  Remarkably loving?  Ready to give you a hug when asked?  Not sure about that hug?  Don’t wait around for a distracted spouse to “notice” you, ask for the hug and find out.