Where's Melissa?

A thank you to all who have been posting responses and ideas in the forum this month!  As I catch back up with the blog and forum (I've been on vacation, feeling guilty about not attending to all of you...but immersed enough in what I was doing that I didn't really have time to respond to the forum questions thoughtfully). I've been impressed with the tone, as well as the content. of what people have written.  (One person even posted EXACTLY what I would have posted as a response on memory - an article from a Hallowell newsletter.  Wow!)

Anyway, I am coming back...I will catch back up this week, then post sporadically for August into early September, and then be back in full force.  In the meantime, I encourage you all to continue writing your thoughts and ideas.

Thanks for your patience!


Understanding this Website

Dear Melissa, I enjoy your website and have learned so much from your insightful comments. I especially appreciated the comment you made to my "Where did I go wrong" post. It gave me so much encouragement and things are going so much more smoothly. My question concerns how to read, and in what order this site is layed out. When I read a Recent Comment I do not know how to get to the string of previous posts to understand your advice. Things do not seem to be in any continuous order, i.e. by date, by subject, by contributor. I am sure that I am just not aware of how it works, and if you could spend a minute clarifying the order I would appreciate it. Katherine

Reading this Web Site

Funny that you mention this, as I was just thinking about it the other day!  Right now, there are two ways to read.  You can go to a person's blog (mostly mine, but there are other authors, too) and read all of the blog topics they have written about.  In my case this would include lots of essays about different aspects of ADHD and marriage.

Or, you can go into the forums and follow any given thread.  This is "messier" as people can respond at any time to any part of a a thread.  So I find myself sometimes looking at the date of a post within a longer thread to see who posted what, first.

I considered putting things in chronological order in the forum, and may still do so - have to talk to the techie web administrator (my husband) about this.  But then that has other side effects (like you can't respond as easily to someone's thoughts that are in the middle of a thread).

Hope this helps you sort it out.

Melissa Orlov

P.S.  So glad you found my last comment helpful!  Hang in there - you are definitely going in the right direction, and so is your hubby!  The road is never as smooth as you imagine (or hope?!) it will be, but the potential positive results are wonderful....

Reading this Website

So, if I understand correctly, the reason that posts are out of order is because when people hit the ‘Reply’ button their post is placed directly under whichever post they’re replying to, even if it’s not the original post? I’m new and still a lurker but I have to tell you that the lack of continuation from the original post is a huge issue for my ADD and OCD addled brain. Having to repeatedly break focus causes me such a headache that I have to take aspirin literally every time I visit. Some threads also read like people are replying to a post that is no longer there, or perhaps their reply ended up in the wrong thread? Can that happen? Anyway, I want to thank Katherine for posting the question so eloquently. I had been trying to find a way to do it myself without sounding like the whiner that I just did. One way that I’ve seen the situation remedied in other forums is to add a header to the top of each ’Reply to’ post alerting the reader to which thread it’s addressing. I’m sure that there are other ideas out there too.

Clarity around the comment to which one replies

Anonymous above suggested "One way that I’ve seen the situation remedied in other forums is to add a header to the top of each ’Reply to’ post alerting the reader to which thread it’s addressing. I’m sure that there are other ideas out there too.".

When "replying", the post or comment to which you are replying appears at the top of the page where where you ener your comments.  This functionality has been in place since this site was first built.

Reading this Website

Just F.Y.I. - I was having difficulty making sense of the "Communication with ADHD: Aderall XR?" thread because its 30 posts were "messy,”as you put it. So I copied and pasted all of it into OneNote and then rearranged the posts chronologically, just to try it out. It felt much more natural and easy to read. Having some of the posts reply to posts other than the original didn’t break the flow of conversation at all.

Comment viewing options

As requested above by "Anonymous" above, you now have the option of how you would like to see the comments displayed.  There is a control at the top and bottom of each set of comments for threaded or unthreaded, and the date order of comments.

Thank you for responding so

Thank you for responding so quickly! It really helps me figure out how the threads are ordered with the controls in place. Thanks again.

Editing your own comments

You may edit your own comments (but not others').  However, you would have had to post the comment as a registered user in order to be able to edit your comment, else we wouldn't know who "you" were, and which were "your" comments.  If you wish to edit or delete a comment that you submitted annonymously, please post a another comment (it goes into the moderation queue we use to keep out comment spam) identifying the comment by its node url (e.g., http://www.adhdmarriage.com/content/wheres-melissa#comment-2003) and describe the changes you wish to have made.