The ADHD Effect on Marriage

You suspect your partner might have ADHD but are unsure how to bring up the topic.  What do you do?

Great news! The ADHD Effect on Marriage has been released in Chinese (in addition to Dutch). We are delighted to offer this version for people who are more comfortable reading in Chinese. And we love the Asian adaptation of the book cover. To purchase this version, or for more information, please visit Yuan-Liou Publishing Co., Ltd.

I'm happy to announce that the audiobook version of The ADHD Effect on Marriage is now available for download for the same list price as the paperback ($19.95)  Here's to all of you out there who like to listen to your books, rather than read them!

FINALLY I can announce that the e-book of The ADHD Effect on Marriage is up and ready for download at Amazon!!!  Soon (but not quite yet, I guess) it will be available for other e-book formats as well.  Yay!

I want YOUR feedback!  SO many people have asked for an audio version of my book that I decided to do an experiment. I've put together a version of me reading the first two chapters, which I'm offering for free download to anyone who is a registered user at this site. Please let me know if you like it so I can decide whether or not to finish the entire book! 

I'm delighted to announce that The ADHD Effect on Marriage won the Book of the Year gold medal for best new psychology book released in 2010 from Foreword reviews.  (It was also a finalist for the USA Book News best non-fiction book of 2010.)  If you haven't read it yet, consider getting a copy - just click on "buy now" at the left to go to

Registered users of this site can now download, for free, the first two chapters of The ADHD Effect on Marriage simply by going to the "free chapters" link in the main menu.  If you're not yet registered, this might be a good time to sign up!

Earlier this month, Melissa appeared on the Steve Katsos Show to talk about her book, The ADHD Effect on Marriage. Click HERE to watch the interview.

Today, Sept. 1, is the official release date for my book, The ADHD Effect on Marriage and I'm celebrating!  For those of you who are waiting to receive it, thanks for your patience!  Though Amazon has been having trouble keeping up with the orders, I notice that Barnes and Nobles has it in stock both online and in many of their local stores.  Please spread the word about the book with those you love!  Note that I will be giving some talks - right now I'm planning east coast (October), plus Chicago (November).

I am delighted to announce that I will be giving a seven week seminar starting September 13th for those couples interested in going more in-depth into how to apply the ideas in The ADHD Effect on Marriage to their relationship.  The seminar is not a reiteration of the book.  Rather, it is designed to augment the book, answering questions that you may still have.  I hope it will provide a way for couples whom I cannot fit into my consulting schedule to be able to ask questions and utilize my ideas effectively.  For more information,