ADHD Effect Audio Chapters for Free Download - I Want Your Feedback!

I want YOUR feedback!  SO many people have asked for an audio version of my book that I decided to do an experiment.  I've put together a version of me reading the first two chapters, which I'm offering for free download to anyone who is a registered user at this site.  I'm asking for your help - would you please give me honest feedback about it?  I'll complete the book if you give the effort a thumbs up.  I'm particularly interested in the feedback from those with ADHD who say they can't get through a book - does this format help?  Please let me know so I can decide whether or not to finish the entire book!  Get the download HERE.


Great! Looking forward to the

Great! Looking forward to the rest of the book. My husband 2 hours to work this audio book would be a bllessing as he can listen in the car.

YES YES YES!! Great reading

YES YES YES!! Great reading voice...and honestly, I 'learn' (retain?) SOOO much better this way! Best of luck if you decide to move forward with the rest of the book! I will be first in line to buy it! :)

I've been hoping and praying for this!

You're book gave me hope and completely changed my outlook on my husband's adhd! I've been sharing the content with my husband, but unfortunately, he HATES to read and is only willing to listen to me talk for so long! But he is willing to listen to audio CDs. I've had him listen to some of Dr. Hallowell's CD books, and I think they have really opened his eyes and helped him immensely. I know that your book could be the extra spark our relationship needs to bring clarity and understanding on both our parts. SO PLEASE PLEASE release this in audio format! I know it could help a lot of marriages including mine!


Hi Melissa!  Can I also kindly request a Kindle version?  Audiobooks do not do it for me, but that portable book-anywhere machine is amazing.

Kindle version this week?

Rumor has it that the electronic version of the book will be available by the end of this experience suggests that means it will be a bit longer than that but the basic idea is "soon"!

Both please!

I too am excited for the Kindle version as I am "off paper". But I have to say, I listened to the samples on my walk with my dogs today and I think it's an audio book I would listen to over and over. So many little ahha!s happened while I was walking. I would still like to have the kindle version for reference and reading "on the go".

One thing I really liked: so many books, when converted to audio format, don't know what to do with charts and graphs. I found the way you described the data instead of simply reading it off like a bullet list refreshing. I also like the fact that you didn't simply "read", but made a narration of the book. It felt very conversational and well done to me (and I listen to a lot of audio books! Some of the worst ones are "read by the author"...this would be an exception to that rule.)


PS: Looks like the Kindle version is available on Amazon Now. I just bought it. Thank you!

Excellent! I wish I could have heard this decades ago...

Melissa, when I started listening to your sample chapters, my first reaction was that your text wouldn't work well as audio. However, by the time I finished Chapter Two, I was hooked! Excellent & concise content. Thank you so much.

The only constructive criticism I have is that your reading starts off a bit stiff & scripted, but about halfway through you relax and hit a good stride. Consider making your spoken style more conversational by dropping some of the clinical tone & formats of your written text. ("Chapter Two Point Three," etc.) You might even want to record your words while facing a trusted friend, to promote a more relaxed one-on-one style.

Thanks for this constructive feedback

Thanks for your very constructive feedback - I'll see what I can do to "relax" a bit more when recording it.  I agree that "conversational" while still "informative" would be excellent.


this is great

hopefully my add book will be coming out soon.  would you tell me how you created the audio option?

thanks so much, and for your previous help

doug puryear


I hope you continue with the audio version... Audio books are the only kind my guy "reads"! 


Both Audio and a downloadable version would be great. Audio works great for my husband because he can listen while he drives and the downloadable version works for both of us because he is so into his ipad and since I have a nook we can take it anywhere easily.


Add me to the Audio Vote

I bought this for my wife as a humorous way to describe a lot of my traits.  Then she started reading the book, oh my.  She met me at home and said "I had no idea how much I put you through".  First time in a LONG time she reached out like this.  So I thought, hey, MUST be something to this.

I went looking for the audio book (2 hour drive each way to work makes audio books a great way to learn) to get caught up on what she's reading and would gladly pay for another copy in this format.  In fact we had really good conversation based on the first 2 chapters.

So, please, consider an entire new audience you'll be reaching and complete the project!

Thank you.



Was there an ETA that you will be making a decision / finishing the audio?

2 free downloads of ADHD effects on Marriage

My husband and I, both have ADHD and a May-Dec relationship (17 years). We will be married 31 years in March '12. He works fulltime and I'm a disabled Nam vet. We own and run a 501(c)3 non-profit, no-kill animal sanctuary for elderly and special needs animals (farm & exotic). We read the free chapters and loved it so much that we have ordered the book from Amazon and we can't wait for it to get here. It's wonderful and the price was okay too. Keep up the good works, please. Do you make any free webinars, articles, etc. too? Dave&Cougar

It's a "Go" on AudioBook

Thanks to everyone for the feedback on the audiobook - I've taken the comments I've gotten here and from Facebook to heart in terms of how I read it (conversational, etc.)  I will certainly record an audiobook - my target release date for it is somewhere around November 1.  It will be posted here when available.

free audio chapters

I think the audio format of the ADHD Effect is a great idea because it let me accomplish some projects around the house while listening and learning from your book.

Great companion to printed book!

I was listening to ch 2 on my way to an appointment with my therapist, who also sees my SO and I together.  I heard things that sparked the best discussion topics for my session tonight!  I was able to find the text in the printed version, based on the audio I heard and we looked at the pages and discussed them during the hour.  Thank you!

yes yes yes,this is wonderful,

I think this would help my husband a lot while going to work he could listen to it in the car,this could really help us a lot,looking forward to it!!!THANK YOU.