ADHD Effect Wins Gold Medal

I'm delighted to announce that The ADHD Effect on Marriage won the Book of the Year gold medal for best new psychology book released in 2010 from Foreword reviews.  (It was also a finalist for the USA Book News best non-fiction book of 2010.)  If you haven't read it yet, consider getting a copy - just click on "buy now" at the left to go to


Unbelievably, my newly diagnosed ADHD husband brought this book

home, and insisted we both read it. Needless to say, I was stunned, with my mouth on the floor. We are both brand new to the ADHD concept, and getting this diagnosis has literally transformed our lives and how we look at our marriage. We are only about half-way through reading it (however, like many exasperated non-ADHD spouses, I jumped right to the "how to fix it" chapters) and so far it has been a truly eye-opening experience for both of us. (I had NO idea that my own reactions were contributing just as much to the problem as his ADHD was.)

I have just discovered your website, and there is SO much to read here, and I am looking forward to learning everything I can about this diagnosis.

THANK YOU Melissa.

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Well Done!

How splendid that your work is being recognised in such a public and positive way.