Dr. Hallowell

Dr. Hallowell and Dr. Oz did a terrific job introducing people to the idea that ADHD might be affecting their marriage.  Watch this video, take the short quiz it includes, and see how you and your partner stack up.  Go to this link.

This Thursday, Sept. 16, Dr. Hallowell will be on the Dr. Oz show talking about ADHD and how it impacts marriages.  Hope you get to see it!  To find out what time this show airs in your area, please go to this link!

Dr. Hallowell and Melissa Orlov were interviewed on Today on August 6th about how ADHD can impact marriage.

Dr. Hallowell and his wife, Sue George Hallowell (who is also a therapist) are offering a workshop for couples looking to become more connected.  It will take place on June 12th at the Westin Hotel in Waltham, MA, just outside Boston.  While it's not specifically for couples struggling with ADHD, it will nonetheless provide inspiration and ideas to all who attend.

If you want to hear what Dr Phil and Dr Hallowell have to say about ADHD and marriage, as well as find out about some couples who are struggling with it, you can go to this page at the Dr. Phil website which recaps the July 9th show on saving marriages hurt by ADHD symptoms.

This show with Dr. Hallowell has been taped but we do not know the air date.  It is not the week of May 4th, as previously thought.  We will post the air date here when we are given it, or you can go to the Dr. Phil Show web site each weekend for a list of the upcoming week's show topics.  Thanks for your patience on this - t.v. often works this way!  Comments for this post are disabled as of May 3.

For info on the Dr Phil Show, please see the more recent March 30 post.  I didn't erase this spot because people had posted attachments to it which would have disappeared had I eliminated the post all together.

Great news!  Dr. Hallowell and his wife, Sue (who is a social worker and experienced marriage therapist in her own right) are going to give a special marriage weekend June 20-21 in Boston specifically for couples where one or both parthers has ADHD/ADD.  They will limit it to 25 couples total, and the sessions will include teaching, coaching, small group work...plus a nice hotel.  They've just written a new marriage workbook that they will be giving to participants to take home, too.