Video Link - Dr. Hallowell and Dr. Oz Discuss ADHD and Marriage

Dr. Hallowell and Dr. Oz did a terrific job introducing people to the idea that ADHD might be affecting their marriage.  Watch this video, take the short quiz it includes, and see how you and your partner stack up.  Go to this link.


Dr. Oz video

Hmmm....I sent a link to my husband.....can't wait to hear what he says.....if he watches it.


Well I sent him the link, because he want talk about his ADHD anymore. I have checked and just as I suspected he did do read it. In the past I have said that ADHD had a profound effect on our relationship , but he says it's my anger. He has been married before and it never was a problem before....Help

married before and no problem-

He said his ADHD wasn't a problem in his previous marriage, or you know for a fact it wasn't a problem because ex-wife told you so?  I find this difficult to believe.  I know that if I divorced my husband, he would probably tell everyone the same thing.  I watch as my sister- and brother-in-laws (and husband) hold their elderly parents up as a model long-term marriage.  I watch when my father-in-law comes to visit us, and he does things like (1) walk into our house and leave the door WIDE open (we live in the country and don't have a screen door- my house fills with bugs when I don't notice that he did this); (2) says insensitive things to me.  For example, I had two premature babies- what a tragedy it was/is for me- and he told me it was because when I was pregnant I wasn't "good" i.e. went to work;  (3) his wife is in a wheelchair and gets very tired sitting up in it for long periods of time.  It takes multiple attempts on her part to get him to be sensitive to her request to leave; he finally responds when she snaps at him.  And these are just the little things.   She (his wife) has always appeared to me to be a seething ball of resentment.  With my in-laws, I suspect that what looked like it "was never a problem" was really a non-working, uneducated wife entombed in a house with 10 kids and a husband who did not participate in housework and/or child-rearing.  Judging by her current behavior. it clearly made her cuckoo for coco puffs.  But, it was never a problem for my father-in-law- though he has admitted to one sibling that, "Your mother hasn't been happy since the day I married her; I never knew what was wrong with her..."