Dr. Hallowell Talks with Dr. Oz about ADHD and Marriage Thursday

This Thursday, Sept. 16, Dr. Hallowell will be on the Dr. Oz show talking about ADHD and how it impacts marriages.  Hope you get to see it!  To find out what time this show airs in your area, please go to this link!


LETTING GO..................Finding yourself again : )

Last night was a wake up call. For the past 5 years I have been in a psych ward taking care of a mentally ill patient. It hit me like a brick wall in the car on the way home. To sit across from someone normal, who listened, who treated me with respect and dignity. Who confided in me regarding his past mistakes, who took responsibility for his actions. We laughed, we had fun. He walked me to my car (actually cared about my personal safety). He didn't have an agenda. (lets see what I can do tonight to piss off my wife) . A good true male friend. Someone who forgave me for being an absentee friend for the past 5 years. I drove home and I felt like a balloon that had been blown up and was just on the verge of popping and then the air quickly went out. It was an emotional release unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life. I know now I will find myself again. The person I use to be before this disorder sucked the life out of me. So get out of the house and leave your ADHD spouse behind. Surround yourself with healthy people you can trust. Renew the friendships you use to have. As you know, because of their embarrassing ADHD behaviors, you being isolating yourself socially and slowly over time it becomes just you and him. Start taking care of yourself. Start putting yourself first and you will have more energy to care for others. As they say "PUT YOUR OXYGEN MASK ON FIRST". I had been holding my breath for so long without realizing it. I'm going to be OK!