Dr. Hallowell to Host Marriage Weekend in June

Great news!  Dr. Hallowell and his wife, Sue (who is a social worker and experienced marriage therapist in her own right) are going to give a special marriage weekend June 20-21 in Boston specifically for couples where one or both parthers has ADHD/ADD.  They will limit it to 25 couples total, and the sessions will include teaching, coaching, small group work...plus a nice hotel.  They've just written a new marriage workbook that they will be giving to participants to take home, too.

The weekend is for both members of the couple, in keeping with the idea that both parties need to be informed about ADD and be given ways to improve their marriage.  There is a full agenda, registration form and more details at this link.  The cost is $750 a couple, including the hotel.  I've seen the transformative power of being with Dr. Hallowell for even just a few hours...I think this experience is going to be well worth it.