Best Holiday Gift EVER - Better Sleep!

Perhaps six months ago or more one of my readers sent me a link to be part of the Beta testing group for the new Bose noise masking sleep buds.  My husband snores - sometimes (if he's been drinking) like a freight train.  And I'm not a heavy sleeper, so it was a bad combo.  I had tried ear plugs.  He had tried nose strips.  He had figured out how to sleep on his side, which helped, but the reality was that he still snored...a lot.  

If you have a snorer in your household, you need a pair of these sleep buds.  Yes, at $249 they are expensive.  But the health benefits make this really worth it.  There is a good amount of research that suggests that your partner's snoring takes a huge toll on you.  It sure was on me and I wasn't even fully aware of it, though I knew I was frequently tired.  That's now changed. I haven't slept so well in years - literally.

You control the sleep buds through an app on your phone, which allows you to choose what sounds you like, set the volume and, also, to set an alarm for the morning (which will wake you up, but not jar you awake.)  The alarm comes through the earbuds themselves.  They are also much more comfortable than ear plugs.

The only adjustment I have had to make is I have had to find a different pillow.  My very hard pillow didn't work as well with them as I liked (made noise on the ear buds) though Bose says they are fixing this issue.

Now my fear?  That I'll forget them on a business trip or some such...and have to revert to long, interrupted nights of little sleep.