New Year's Resolutions, 2013

On the one hand, today (Dec 31) will unfold much like tomorrow (Jan 1) - so what's the big deal about New Year's?!  On the other hand, why not use the holiday as a reminder to reflect a moment about who we are and where we are going for the next 12 months?  In that spirit, I hope you'll take a moment to set just a few resolutions in motion.  Here are mine for 2013:

  1. Live my life in as loving a way as possible - showing patience and respect for all those around me.
  2. Engage in making my life better.  To me this includes respectfully lobbying for what I feel I need as well as creating interesting experiences in my life (and those who join me).  Among other things, this means I am taking up the cello in 2013 - my nephew is going to give me lessons and I aim to join a community orchestra. I've always wanted to play the cello - so now I'm going to do it!  It also means traveling when possible, seeking out some new athletic challenges and keeping my eyes open for fabulous new recipes (yes, I live in a family of foodies!)  Finally, "making my life better" always includes creating time to spend with my family.
  3. Engage in making the lives of others better.  I look forward to continuing my work as a marriage consultant and speaker and hope to write my second book in 2013, since I didn't do so in 2012!

What are your resolutions?  I would love to hear them.