This Year's Virtual Conference Looks Great!

This is the fourth year of Jennifer Koretsky's Virtual ADHD Conference and I have to say that I think the agenda looks great.  Experts will be talking about ADHD across all stages of life with, most important for readers of this site, good information about adult ADHD.  Examples:

  • how to dig yourself out of debt if you have ADHD
  • dealing with shame
  • sleep issues
  • the role of exercise in treating ADHD
  • whether or not to get accommodations in the workplace
  • anger in relationships (that's mine)

I'm quite excited about my presentation on anger.  I just this minute finished putting it together, and it's got much more information in it about how to understand what type of anger you are dealing with and then the specific steps you need to take to get past that anger based on the best science available on the topic.

I'm also excited about the evening sessions - Dr. Hallowell and Dr. Quinn are offering Q&As, and more.

Anyway, it's a good resource for those who are interested in learning more about ADHD.  Check it out here.