Valentine's Day the Contrarian Way

Tired of doing the same thing each year?  Try these slight spins on old themes!

Don’t give your lover red roses or a box of candy (too conventional!)  Instead, give her a bunch of her favorite daisies (shows you have been listening to her!) or some chocolate flavored massage oil (ditto…!)

Don’t send her a Hallmark card.  Instead, give her a membership card to someplace she wants to go – perhaps a local museum or a health club.  Then spend Saturday afternoon with her there.

Don’t hire a babysitter to watch the kids so you can go out to dinner.  Hire a babysitter to take the kids out, while you and your partner stay in.  Make a fire, spread out a blanket in front of it for a picnic of finger foods and whatever else might follow.

Don’t spend Valentine’s evening with just the two of you.  Grab your closest couple friends and make it a dinner for four – celebrating the value and fun in your best personal connections out on the town before going home (or to a hotel) as a two-some

Don't be predictable.  Pretend you don't know each other, and role play meeting at the local bar and picking each other up...

Don’t look deep into her eyes to tell her you love her.  Blindfold her, and show her how much you love her…

Do you have your own old routine?  What could you do to spice it up a bit for Valentine's 2015?