When he's feeling good.... everything is pretty amusing.

It struck me today how much my husband amuses me. Im not sure if its like this for other people, but ADHD makes my husband pretty spontaneous in his responses to questions and his actions. It's never ever boring or predictable.  Also, he seems perfectly okay with making good natured fun of himself and being silly just for the sake of being silly.

 He looked puzzled late one night and it seemed like he was really trying to figure something serious out. I asked him what was wrong, and his response was "I was putting together a rhythmic gymnastics routine in my head! You know, the one with the ribbon that goes like this?  (he flailed wildly) Yeah. I'd be AWESOME at it."  Because...of course. OF COURSE thats what he was thinking about.  LOL, crazy guy.

He likes going on adventures, and everything actually is an adventure with him. He wants to pick up old cookbooks at thrift shops, and decides to make the first recipe he sees no matter what it is. We go on drives just to get lost and see if we can take in some new sights. I've learned about so many cool little stores and restaurants that I never would have found on my own, simply because I always take the most efficient path from point A to point B and dont take enough time to look around.

He feels it's perfectly acceptable-- and it is!-- to serenade me with show tunes that he changes the lyrics to, to suit whatever I happen to be doing at the time. He hugged me during a commercial, and turned it into the advertising jingle waltz. Why? Well... why not?

As someone who tends to be overly serious at times, his ADD tinged sense of fun and spontaneity really are a blessing. I might be the one who makes sure that all necessary business is taken care of.... but really, he's the one who makes it fun and worthwhile.