I'm happy to announce that the audiobook version of The ADHD Effect on Marriage is now available for download for the same list price as the paperback ($19.95)  Here's to all of you out there who like to listen to your books, rather than read them!

October 16-22 is ADHD Awareness Week and I would like to post one great thing that you love about your own ADHD or your spouse's ADHD every day that week.  Even if you are unhappy with the way your relationship is currently going, there is likely at least ONE positive thing you can come up with! 

FINALLY I can announce that the e-book of The ADHD Effect on Marriage is up and ready for download at Amazon!!!  Soon (but not quite yet, I guess) it will be available for other e-book formats as well.  Yay!

I want YOUR feedback!  SO many people have asked for an audio version of my book that I decided to do an experiment. I've put together a version of me reading the first two chapters, which I'm offering for free download to anyone who is a registered user at this site. Please let me know if you like it so I can decide whether or not to finish the entire book! 

I just came across this excellent article that addresses the neuroscience of negative thinking and what we can do about changing negative patterns of thinking.  Go to this link to read it.  I'll try to post the second segment when it is published.

I'm delighted to announce that The ADHD Effect on Marriage won the Book of the Year gold medal for best new psychology book released in 2010 from Foreword reviews.  (It was also a finalist for the USA Book News best non-fiction book of 2010.)  If you haven't read it yet, consider getting a copy - just click on "buy now" at the left to go to

Registered users of this site can now download, for free, the first two chapters of The ADHD Effect on Marriage simply by going to the "free chapters" link in the main menu.  If you're not yet registered, this might be a good time to sign up!

Calling all readers with ADHD - how do you stay organized?  What works for you, and why?  I'm particularly interested in electronic ways to stay organized via the iPhone or BB or computer.  Share your ideas here with others on the site!

I want to remind readers of three events coming up. 

We got so much feedback about our new professional education course for marriage therapists - "This looks like a FABULOUS course, but I can't make it to Boston!" - that we have changed the format to be a phone seminar!