Zoe Kessler has posted here before and is a regular contributor to PsychCentral.  She has just posted an interview with a couple in which the non-ADHD partner describes her appreciation for the ADHD essence of her partner - well worth reading!  You can find Zoe's blog and this particular post here.  If you have any thoughts about the positive things you see in your partner's ADHD, please feel free to add them to this entry...I, for one, recognized my husband in much of what this woman wrote.

Want to learn more about ADHD - ADDitude Magazine has an excellent free series of webinars with experts.  This month's adult ADHD topics include: staying on task; managing adult ADHD; improving your memory and information on alternative therapies.  ALL are hot topics.  In addition, you can listen to past webinar recordings, as well.  Go to this link at ADDitude Magazine.

On January 25 I will be giving a 1.5 hour talk for therapists through the therapist website  It is free for members of that site and counts for 1.5 CE credits.  To prepare for this, I wrote a blog post about why therapists should get involved in helping couples with ADHD.  If you have a therapist you are working with whom you think might be interested in the talk please let them know about this event.  Since it's only 1.5 hours long it will simply be an overview...but it's a start!

This is the fourth year of Jennifer Koretsky's Virtual ADHD Conference and I have to say that I think the agenda looks great.  Experts will be talking about ADHD across all stages of life with, most important for readers of this site, good information about adult ADHD.  Examples:

Couples who are struggling with the impact of ADHD in their relationship will be delighted to hear that I have just completed an in-depth self-study course that can help them turn their marriage around. 

The New York Times recently published an article about the importance of having conversations about how money is being spent before you're in an emotional situation. Conversations around money, if done right, can also be a time to dream a little bit, especially if you're talking about travel, vacation or retirement.  Even if you are fighting, can you find common ground in shared dreams of a possible future together?

Zoe Kessler and I tackled the topic of ADHD, marriage and anger from two different perspectives - that of an ADHD adult (her) and that of a non-ADHD adult and marriage expert.  We had an interesting conversation around the biological side of ADHD anger - what that feels like, for example - and the environmental side of marital anger. You can get the link to the podcast from Zoe's blog, here

Great news! The ADHD Effect on Marriage has been released in Chinese (in addition to Dutch). We are delighted to offer this version for people who are more comfortable reading in Chinese. And we love the Asian adaptation of the book cover. To purchase this version, or for more information, please visit Yuan-Liou Publishing Co., Ltd.

I gave a one hour webinar for not too long ago on the topic of "Reigniting Romance in ADHD Relationships" and they have been kind enough to let me link to the recording so you can see it.  It's an hour long and one of a whole library of webinars that they offer.  If you don't have time to watch, consider putting a reminder into your cell phone (or two, or three!) that will remind you to do something special for your partner on Feb. 14.

Bryan Hutchinson, who wrote a memoir about growing up with ADHD called "One Boy's Struggle" has just released a support group discussion guide with Sharon St.