I am delighted to announce that I will be giving a seven week seminar starting September 13th for those couples interested in going more in-depth into how to apply the ideas in The ADHD Effect on Marriage to their relationship.  The seminar is not a reiteration of the book.  Rather, it is designed to augment the book, answering questions that you may still have.  I hope it will provide a way for couples whom I cannot fit into my consulting schedule to be able to ask questions and utilize my ideas effectively.  For more information,

Here's a five minute video clip from the May 5 Today Show talking about marriage and the five things any couple can do to improve their marriage.

We are getting ready to update this site and are looking for your ideas. Tell us what you like about the current site set up and what you would like to see improved. We'll start work on this at the end of April, so please let us know your ideas and comments before April 30.  And thanks for you input!

     I want to mention a book that is full of fascinating information related to our modern world and attention; a treatment for ADHD that most people haven't heard of; and 3 centers that offer the best, most comprehensive treatment for ADHD (because I designed them!).

Married to Distraction: Restoring Intimacy and Strengthening Your Marriage in an Age of Distraction, by Ned and Sue Hallowell, with Melissa Orlov, is being released on March 16th.  It's available for pre-order right now, and one of Dr.

I'm editing the section of my book that has to do with developing empathy for your spouse.  I found many descriptions on this site about what it feels like to be the ADHD spouse, but have had less luck finding good quotes about the feelings that come with being the non-ADHD spouse.  There's lots of "this is what my life is like" and comments about how people do/don't get along with their spouses, but less about their dreams/feelings etc.  If you would like to write a paragraph or two about that below I would love to read it, as would the other readers at the site, I expect.  Thanks.

We have started a new area of the site, called "guest blogs" which can be found in the tabs at the top.  There are some reader voices here that have been particularly helpful over time and we would like new people to be able to find them easily.  Our first guest blogger has gone by the name of Arwen and many of you are familiar with her.  I will also move some other guest blog entries (Ari Tuckerman and others) to that area as I find time.  Enjoy!

The terrific film ADD & Loving It was aired in Canada and briefly available on the web – enough people clamored to see it that it’s been reposted by Global TV at this link.  It’s unclear how long it will be available, so I urge you all to go watch it sooner rather than later (it’s 42 minutes long).  The program is fast-paced, fun and easy to watch (the host, Patrick McKenna, is a comedian, after all!), but it’s also very informative and well produced

After years of writing about how ADHD affects relationships I am finally offering counsel for couples who want to apply my expertise to their marriage or relationship.  Your situation can feel overwhelming and you are seeking help, but many of you say it’s hard to find someone who truly understands the complex dynamics of the ADHD-affected relationship.

Our research about how ADHD affects marriage also illuminates the specific ways in which non-ADD spouses are frustrated in their relationships.  The responders in this section are, once again, non-ADD spouses who have officially diagnosed ADD partners.  The themes these people write about are incredibly common.  If you are an ADD spouse and you hear your non-ADD spouse comment on these traits you should assume that they are being truthful – these REALLY ARE problems in your relationship – not a figment of your spouse’s imagination.  The question asked here?  What do you find most frustratin